We provide a wide range of planning services to assist clients in navigating issues ranging from strategy development to operations and organizational change. Our work has helped organizations overcome difficult transitions as well as discover and capitalize on new opportunities. For a plan to be successful it must be more than words upon a page, instead it should be a living document that guides the organization and supports their ability to adapt to a rapidly changing environment.

Business Intelligence

Information is one of the most valuable assets organizations have in making intelligent and informed decisions. Our Business Intelligence practice at Elevate provides both strategic and practical support to organizations to leverage vast amounts of data in support of effective analytics to achieve business intelligence. We have developed an analytic capability maturity model with assessment tools based on the CMMI framework standard allowing organizations to assess their current analytic capacity, identify their desired capacity and develop practical implementation plans. Our team has extensive experience with the ten components of data management as defined by the Data Management Association (DAMA) along with frameworks like The Open Group Architecture Framework (TOGAF), Capability Maturity Model Integration (CMMI) and ITIL.


At Elevate Consulting we know what it takes for successful facilitation. Our commitment is to work with our clients to develop facilitation processes that make complex and often sensitive group sessions meaningful and painless. Each engagement is treated as unique. Each facilitation process uses proven techniques and tools that are customized to allow participants to voice their opinions and ideas while at the same time achieving session objectives. Our approach emphasizes results while having some fun.

Communication and Stakeholder Engagement

We recognize communications, stakeholder engagement and consultation can be complex. Yet they are essential tools for building and sustaining successful projects, initiatives, and organizations. Communications at its root is the art of translating abstract concepts and ideas into recognizable symbols and imagery. To do this effectively we are strategic, ensuring that the resulting products are accessible and resonate with the intended audience to produce the desired results. We are skilled at effectively managing the human relationships required to help organizations succeed.

Evaluation and Reviews

One of Elevate’s core services is evaluation & review. This includes undertaking program evaluations and project reviews for clients in the public and private sectors, as well as non-profit organizations. We have been involved in program evaluations of large federal and provincial programs, as well as due diligence and quality assurance reviews of multi-million dollar initiatives. Our approach is based on engaging individuals honestly and developing data collection processes that are reliable in order to deliver recommendations that are honest, unbiased, sensitive and evidence-based to the interests they affect.

Project and Organizational Consulting

Organizations today are faced with balancing operational pressures with strategic priorities. Elevate can help by providing experience and knowledge in all stages of business and technology projects. Our project and organizational services ensure clients have the tools needed for growth and change such as business cases, charters, organizational frameworks, governance frameworks, success reviews, fairness monitoring, project management practices and standards.


At Elevate delivering on business expectations is key. Successful completion of initiatives and projects takes focused, dedicated effort with the right plan, people, and leadership. Through delivering small, medium, and large scale projects on behalf of and in support of project sponsors and business owners, we have the experience to support our clients’ successful initiatives. As value adds, we have a number of tools and techniques (e.g. multi-media, graphics design, desktop publishing, research, on-line surveys and e-learning) and use them to support our core services.

What We Do